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do you have any dreams you'd like to sell




Welcome to my Stevie Nicks Page!!! Please enjoy your stay...

Stevie is working on an album, Trouble in Shangri-la with Sheryl Crow. It should be out this summer.



Stevie is going to have to new songs on the soundtrack for the new movie, Practical Magic. She will do "Crystal", a song from Buckingham/Nicks and the white Fleetwood Mac album. She will sing lead vocals. She will also do "If You Ever Did Believe", an unreleases demo. I have also heard that "Black Magic Woman", a song from the original Fleetwood Mac, will be on the soundtrack.



VHI will show Stevie Nicks:Behind the Music and Stevie Nicks: Storytellers on November 1.


When the tour is over........Stevie is going home to make a new album...... something Shangri-La. Reportedly.....she is going to be doing work with Lindsey, Madonna, and maybe Billy Corgan!


I have never known the words......well, I have tried to be true. Well, I have never known what to to say.....seen anything to day. I have never seen anything like you.


Rhiannon rings like a bell throught the night, and wouldn't you love to love her? she rules her life like a bird in flight, and who will be her lover?