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gypsy poetry
great dark wing
street angel

My silhouettes of a dream.....thank you so much.

do you have any dreams you'd like to sell



Well.......... I know they are smiling right now...those freaks who live their lives on their computers. One loves lindsey and will kill anything (except me) that gets in her way. She makes me laugh. I call her Stevie, Rhianna, and Meghan. Guess which one is her real name!!

Another loves Mike Dolenza from the Monkees. She is one of the most interesting persons I have met. Rachel is so much like's scary. I'd also like to thank Chad.....who told me how depressing it was to be him...if he only knew..:). Rhiannon has given me good input on my pages.....and has always been there to chat.

I would like to thank my best friend, Laura, Kaete...the fairie princess, Rarfy, Doodle. Kyle, Joni, Nicole, and everyone else who has made some sort of indent on my life.

The biggest thank you goes to Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham. Both of them have helped me through everything. The way I look at things has been forever changed by them.