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do you have any dreams you'd like to sell

My Secret

I am a secret

a walking mystery

I glow ith them

untold lies and lost loves

my hair as red as it is

tells the story of my days spent in hell

my eyes..... a crystal blue

are oceans of passion

that overflow when I lose balance and control

my mouth

a forest of back lies

sweet to smell

deadly to touch

no one goes near my lips

my fingers draw pictures

of times that have truned to stone

silvery dresses...scarves

and top hats

I dance through his mind at night

and fade during the day

only coming back in his darkest hours

everyone laughs

but it is so serious

we look at each other from a distance

running through the flames

we are long distance winners

trying to tie each other to a heaven

saving each other from a hell

I am so scared...

where are the nightbirds?

where is Rhiannon?

where are the gypsies?

where are the dreams?

where are the crystal visions?

I wonder if he is scared too

the dark wing's feathers are going to be clipped.....permeantly.....forever

I am not going to do what he does

too much trouble

I cause trouble for everyone

that is the story of my life

songbirds hum in my ears

clouds cover my realistic views

of the world and him

even the rest of the men in the waltz

I have to stay for the fight

I have to fight it out

I have to feel the power......the fury

I wonder if he knows he's bewitching

I am a witch

riding my broom

in the night

darting stars

my mouth opens too fast

then again

it closes too slowly

do I want to be found?

I want to be lost.....

misplaced like my crystal visions?

I don't know anymore

I turned my great dark wing in

I am sorry


I am

I am sorry

soory to leave you in my storms

lightning striking around you

I will be riding unicorns again

maybe..if I can be a princess

with silver sparkle slippers in a pink gown

who am I anymore?

some girl with delusions of granduer?

some girl with illusions of men?

like phantom..... out of control curls

a friendliness.....a rudenesss...a pervertedness

it all comes down to you

that's what the gypsy said

you see...

I still remain

I may dance away

grab me while you can

I am only a wish

it all comes down to you........