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do you have any dreams you'd like to sell

I look at you you are not something to look at not like the others they have offered me paradise I refused it was not right you want to hold me back I enjoy being me it lets me be free I am glad you are concerned about my wellbeing don't get carried away take off your mask you are so beautiful don't hide yourself from me I am trying to be a silent queen it may only be a dream you shove me away you've known me for too long you play in girls light fake, you lied to me remember, I have an offer men are attracted to the wild girl with radiant hair what are you trying to be? who are you trying to be? what are you trying to prove? what are you trying to prove to me? you said I was not pretty they have told me I am beautiful unlike any others my eyes pierce their soul and my hair smells like raspberries you don't know what you are missing I can see you but you never see me