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Under the Cover

like the "whit duke"
like a David Bowie wannabe
shining in a brilliance unseen
trying to save me
being knightly
continues to put me down
but I only wonder
what is under the cover

the birthing of a vision
completely new
the birthing of a dream
in a temptest fashion
undermining society's rule
I continue to pursue

he smiles at me
silly girl
you are getting under my skin
go away
I'm not myself
I'm not under the cover
go away

he needs a name
she named the others
so it is only right
does he want her?
only because of that radiant hair
she seems magical to him
and he can't help but stare
oh, you are so smart he says
she can't tell what he is
or what he wants
seems like he is floating on an ego
he looks at her with such interest
no, it's not for attention she says
it's only a game
he seems to be more muscular... no
a silly dreamer... yes
with dreamy eyes... yes
her presence is demanding
but worth it

I see this relationship as something out of the pages of the pamphlet for the Other Side of the Mirror, vibrant red, hiding in the dark, simple but complex, only the main points highlighted. A lot is left unspoken.

This could be a whole lotta trouble for you and me. Don't look at me. Don't laugh like that. Don't walk like that. Don't breath that way. Stop existing for me. I'm a lady in red.

I know I am in the back of your mind. I am a dancing fantasy in Vans, t-shirts, and baggy jeans. I don't trust you. Yes, you are part of the magic.